Part 1: A Personal Reflection:

My idea for my ImagineIT was to have students have a genius engineering hour each week where they completed various stem challenges. I was hoping that by engaging students in this genius-engineering hour it would really develop an understanding and incorporation of the engineering piece in STEM into my curriculum. I also wanted to give my students problem solving skills that would help them see science beyond the classroom. Doing these challenges has given me a new focus, inspiration and has taught me a lot. When I talked about my short and long term missional goals I focused on continuing the practice of providing my students with opportunities to complete stem challenges. My long-term missional goal is to work with the adults in in my building to get them to see the value in students having these opportunities. I would eventually like to go beyond my school as an advocate for STEM education in all of CPS schools especially in the underserved school communities. Thinking about goals and how can achieve them seem very scary because I know that I will really have to step outside of my comfort zone to make it happen. I know that I will have to build relationships with administrators and other higher ups in order to accomplish my goals. Participating in this fellowship has given me the courage and confidence to pursue new teacher leadership opportunities within CPS and I'm pretty excited over the possibilities. I know that I have grown as a teacher and as a leader and I'm looking forward to impacting change in building and within the district.

Part 2: Curating your Resources Resources Pinterest