I started the school year wanting to provide my students with a different science class experience and to take science beyond the classroom. After discussing my project with colleagues and reflecting on their feedback I felt that perhaps I should change somethings but after the first couple of weeks of implementing scaffolded challenges I feel that I'm on the right track.

During the first few challenges it was very difficult for me to just step back because even though I explained to the students that the projects are their designs and its up to them to complete the challenge. when frustration set in I wanted to rescue them. I realize that that I have to give them more opportunities that will continue to frustrate them so that they can lean to work through it.

I would love for my students gain the experience and confidence to tackle stem challenges and to learn to work through frustration and keep creating.
I would love for my students to truly embrace stem and all that it encompass and to see science in their everyday life

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