Problematizing my ImagineIT: Genius Hour

Reading The Dream Keepers left feeling enlightened, inspired and most of all reflective on my teaching and my project. I chose to implement genius hour within my classroom because I really wanted to encourage my students to be problem solvers and thinkers. I also wanted my students to take science beyond the classroom and into everyday life. In chapter five of the Dream Keepers it talks about seeing color and seeing culture. I was more specifically interested in the section that states “Teachers with Culturally Relevant Practices See Themselves as Part of the Community, See Teaching as Giving Back to the Community, and Encourage Their students to do the Same”. Reading this section made me realize that this is probably the biggest problem I see with my ImagineIT, because I want my students to look at science and see its application beyond the 60 minutes and beyond the school and see science in the community and world around them. I want my student to be inspired beyond genius hour and realize that they are problem solvers and engineers. “They are the most important people in the world, because they’re the future” (Ms. Dupree p. 40 The Dream Keepers).

I wanted to include this video because I was amazed by their ingenuity and it made me see that I'm making progress.