ImagineIT Final Report

Reflecting on my ImagineIT leaves me with so many mixed feelings. I feel like there were so many things I could have done differently. I set out to have a certain number of stem design challenges completed during my genius engineering hour and I’m well below that number and my expectation and vision of genius engineering looked very different in my head from what actually took place in the classroom. There were times that I felt like what am I doing and what was I thinking and was this true learning for my students. There were very chaotic times in my classroom and I felt that if my new principal walked in she would think, “what in the world is going on in this class”. It wasn’t long before what looked like chaos was actually student engagement and learning on a different level a level that didn’t include me in the driver’s seat but rather a passenger.
Here we are almost at the end of the year and I’m feeling like I was successful in giving my students a different experience in science that they would not have had if I were not an MSUrban Stem fellow. I took risks and learned some very important lessons. I have learned to trust my students and their respect for their discovery and learning processes. I have also learned that I need to be more flexible in my vision and expectations because the unintended result and outcome is often better than the intended result or outcome.